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The Problem

In Zambia, 80% of the nation’s 18.5 million population are dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods with the sector, which has 2 million small holder farmers (SHF’s), being the clearest way to alleviate poverty in the country.

Agriculture finance is essentially the bedrock of the agricultural industry in that it allows access to resources be it material or mechanical support which is essential for the economy at large. SHF’s need access to finance so as to ensure that they have a successful harvest and agro-dealers act as middlemen who supply agriculture inputs to farmers with the aim of making a profit.

The problem that has come up lately is that agro-dealers in Zambia are rarely able to live up to expectations as they often delay the supply of agriculture inputs to SHFs if at all as both parties lack the adequate finance to ensure that they have all material needed for the farming season.


Our Solution

Our solution is a fin-tech platform called AgSave which allows farmers to pay for farming inputs such as fertilizer and receive micro-finance via mobile app.

The platform will also have provision for;
• Micro-savings i.e. through banks.
• Micro Insurance i.e. farmers and agrodealerscan protect themselves from risk with payouts made within 24 hrs.

AgSave accounts are ‘locked’ meaning that transactions are solely used for the purchase of agriculture inputs. In addition, stakeholderssuch as donor agenciescan use our platform to provide finance to farmers and agro-dealerswithprovision to access transaction records.

Also, government through the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Financecan have an efficient way of providing finance to farmers via our platform.

Once funds are disbursed in their AgSave mobile wallets, farmers, more so those inlow-income communities, will be notified and will be able to carry out transactions needed for the purchase of agricultural inputs.  


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